Frequently asked questions

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Curious about how BuyFair works to help with your property investment journey? See below some frequently asked questions from our customers.  Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any other questions and we will do our best to help.

What services do you provide?

Buyfair property group specialises in the planning of property investment purchases and long term investing plans for consumers. We work closely with many building, finance and land providers to bring every day citizens well valued property solutions.

How can working with Buyfair save us time?

Upon speaking with our team, we will provide relevant options that suit your budget, buying desires and timeframe requirements. This means that all options are delivered without the need to speak with many differing people and service providers. Often our clients don’t know where to start, our discovery session has been designed to best start your journey and create clarity of direction and purchasing options.

How do you choose your builders?

The process of working with one of our panel builders is detailed and time consuming. Meaning you don’t have to do the groundwork, as it’s already been done for you. We look for long term track record of deliverables and quality. We assess builders communication and management processes. And we conduct multiple interviews, site inspections and consistent price reviews to ensure our clients are getting maximum value for any suggested purchase. 

What are the advantages of working with Buyfair?
There are many. Firstly, we have an inside lane in to what providers are offering what. All building companies need to operate at a certain margin to survive, but often different builders will provide incentives to influence clients to act. 
We also assist in the management of your new property. Meaning that should something occur that needs attention, our team can assist in rectifying the situation. We also assess our solutions in great details before bringing to our clients. This means that you have the backing of our research team, leadership group and team members to make sure you’re making the right choice. 
Do you help us negotiate a better deal?
We certainly do. Each offering that we provide comes with Buyfair’s expert Negotiation assistance. Meaning we do all we can to add value to your acquisition. Negotiating comes down to varying things such as market conditions, builder appetite for new business and security. But our team of expert consultants are trained and ready to do what’s possible to better your purchase for long term gain. 
Do we need to have our own land already?
No, we can help you source this. Although, if you do already have land then we are able to assist with assessing the block and building upon it if required. 
Do we need to have finance sorted first?
No, although it does help quicken the process. Whether you use our finance partners, or your own is totally up to you. 
Are you a licensed agent?
Yes, Buyfair Property Group is a fully licensed real estate firm. Meaning we are legally qualified to provide real estate advice and transact on all property types within Victoria and Queensland. 
Do you help people buy property with their Superannuation?
Yes, we are experienced in SMSF purchasing. At no point in time can we provide financial advice around super, but we have partnered with licensed operators who can. Following the setup of a SMSF, we can take direction from yourself and a planner to source suited property to your specific wants, budgets and needs. 
What qualifies your team to advise on property solutions?
Our owners have over 80 years of combined property experience and are licensed to provide property services to consumers. We are focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients to ensure long term success and satisfaction. 
Do you offer rental guarantees with your properties?
BuyFair offer rent guarantees on a case-by-case basis. BuyFair properties for sale are not automatically provided with a rental guarantee and need management approval before being applicable to any purchase. This rental guarantee will be afforded by an independent property management or insurance provider. This means that each guarantee we offer is legitimate. And excludes any extra fees (commonly charged by other providers without your knowing) included in your purchase price to pay for periods of vacancy within your investment property. 
Do you help us with setting up all that we need to invest in property?
Yes, our team will assist in getting you started with all relevant and required assets to run an investment portfolio successfully and efficiently. 

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BuyFair has developed a complete one-stop shop approach to purchasing and maintaining investment properties.