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Appraised rents from $900 per week

BuyFair Leaseback Offer

To take away the stress of having to manage the outgoings before you have your tenants paying the mortgage – subject to your application being successful, BuyFair will help cover a portion of your repayments while your investment is being built.*

BuyFair Rent Guarantee

The biggest concern for any investor is whether they are going to have the house leased out at all times. Subject to your application being successful, not only will we source you the right tenant with increased rent – we will guarantee that your home is leased everyday for the first 5 years from your occupancy permit. **

* Subject to availability and terms of finance. The BuyFair Leaseback is only offered on packages that have the BuyFair tick of approval. To source this offer, you will need to speak with your BuyFair representative and express your interest.

** BuyFair Rent Guarantee is subject to application and qualifications.

For full terms & conditions please see our Terms & Conditions

Matt and the team at Buyfair Property Group are fantastic! They have made our experience enjoyable and stress-free. Highly recommend!~ Mellisa


Introducing the BuyFair Multi-Liv Range

A new-age range of residential property solutions designed to safeguard investors’ assets and propel their financial success. Focused on countering high-interest rates and potential loss of income, this range stands as a shield against market uncertainties, ensuring unparalleled protection for your investments.

Boasting impressive rental yields of 7% upwards, BuyFair Multi-Liv offers a strategic path to consistent high-income streams. In times of economic uncertainty, this stability provides confidence to investors wanting to take control of their strategic approach

When we talk about residential property investment, we usually focus on high growth or high income strategies independently. Now, you can achieve both with the same property.

Example floor plan shown is just one of many options…

Good debt will never send you broke, but not being able to manage the cashflow will.” ~ Matt Ellul

Multi-Liv vs Traditional

Based on this case study, the BuyFair Multi-Liv property will generate an extra $311,390 of growth and income over a 10-year period. What would this mean to your financial future?




Usual purchase price: $752,000 (+ furniture package: $25,000)

Usual purchase price: $640,000

Estimated rent per week: $1,700

Usual rent per week: $500

Approximate cashflow over 10 years: +$145,000

Approximate cashflow over 10 years: -$87,185

Capital growth in 10 years (based on 5.5% capital growth): +$533,000

Equity position in 10 years (5% capital growth): +$376,237

Net position before selling costs: +$678,000

Net position before selling costs: +$289,052 

NB: Based on 6.89% P&I loan over 30 years with 10% deposit plus furniture package.  The growth rate for Multi-Liv is higher due to the nature of the build (extra bathrooms, living space and storage).


The returns above are examples only, are subject to market conditions, and may change at short notice. All estimates are based on third party marketing information.

The Solutions



Traditional Co-Living Homes
4 bed / 3 bath homes with 3 tenants under the one roof.
Approximate rental returns of $900 – $1,200 per week



High-End Co-Living (Rooming Houses)
5 bed / 5 bath homes with 5 individual tenants under the one roof.
Approximate rental returns of up to $2,000 per week



Dual Key Homes
One house with 2 separate homes under one roof.
Approximate rental returns of $700 – $1,000 per week



NDIS Houses
Government-backed and financed properties specially designed to help tenants with disabilities live a better life. High income potential on offer.

The returns above are examples only, are subject to market conditions, and may change at short notice. Properties exist on a single title.

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