A journey to success

The Investor Centre

Experience a new way of education in property investment. In this tour, learn the ways of expert investors in a fun, immersive and interactive manner. Investing in property should be enjoyable, let us guide you to your desired property outcome in a way that’s never existed up until now.

1. The BuyFair Room

Where your journey begins, meet the team and be briefed on the adventure awaiting you.

2. The History Room

Learn all about historical property performance and take a ride back to the 80’s onwards to learn how prices and population have changed. We can’t predict the future based on the past – however, we can study it and learn how it behaves and act accordingly. 

3. The Retirement Room

Understand the importance of preparing for your retirement and why our super funds and pensions won’t support us like in the past. Learn about new life cycles of people and play with our property investment outcome game to understand what you may need. 

4. The Strategy Room

When we have a clear target, the right vehicle and a strategic plan in place we can step forward with confidence knowing we are on a path to our destination. This room shares some of the insights we can provide you with when working with BuyFair Property Group.    

5. The Money Room

With money comes opportunity – with opportunity comes outcomes. When we invest, it’s imperative to have your money in order and structured the right way. Enjoy our fun lending activity to see what money you may have access to for your next step in property. 

6. The Hero Wall & BuyFair Business Model

Take a photo with our ‘Journey to Financial Freedom’ balloon mural and learn how BuyFair Property get you the best deals available in the market.

7. The Seminar Room

Join us for a fun and inclusive presentation or just sit back and learn from what’s being shown on our huge display screen.

8. The Great Outdoors

Learn how the value of dirt has changed in the great outdoors experience. Join us for a BBQ at one of our catered events whilst meeting others also looking to get ahead. 

9. The Kids Zone

Let your kids roam free as they search for BuyFair’s cartoon characters hidden throughout the Investment Centre. We have also catered for your future property investors with the kids corner and secure grassed areas.

“Buying my first investment property was scary, but everything the Buyfair team told me came true. I have never looked back”

– Bryce Young

Matt and the team at Buyfair Property Group are fantastic! They have made our experience enjoyable and stress-free. Highly recommend!

Mellisa Taverna

“It seemed too good to be true – it was too easy. We were waiting for the catch, but it never came”

– Jackie and Jamie Corbishley

Very professional, incredibly informed and extremely insightful. With his advice, and wealth of knowledge of the property market, we feel we made the best possible decisions before buying our apartment

Philippe Bechervaise

As a Senior Mortgage Broker of 15 years I can say; Matt and the team at Buyfair Property’s professionalism, communication and knowledge is an asset to the industry.

Chris Carstens

Buyfair are amazing. I trust them to find my clients the best high-yield properties. Matt is always honest and will work in your best interest to find you the right property for your circumstances!

Imogen Elizabeth

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