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Investing in an NDIS/SDA property can offer a range of benefits, including strong and consistent rental income beginning at 15% and above, long-term tenants, and a high level of demand due to a shortage of suitable accommodation options for people with disabilities.

Critical Research

BuyFair will research critical, acquired data on SDA fundamentals to give the best chance of consistent tenancy

Source Land

BuyFair will source and secure NDIS-approved land in the highest-demand areas.

Design Build

BuyFair will design and allocate NDIS-certified plans for your licensed builder to construct.


BuyFair will link you to the country’s top SDA managers, offering the best and most competitive prices.

Use your equity or super to secure an NDIS property

If you have equity within an existing property or a superannuation balance of over $180,000, then you may be able to secure a high-income NDIS property while using $0 of your savings.

How a BuyFair NDIS home benefits you

Smart Inclusions:

A BuyFair NDIS home incorporates smart and sustainable features into their properties. From energy-efficient appliances to smart home automation systems, these inclusions not only enhance the property’s appeal but also provide long-term cost savings and environmental benefits.

Transparent Fixed Price:

A BuyFair NDIS home offers a fixed price structure with no hidden costs, ensuring transparency and providing clients with peace of mind throughout the investment process. This approach eliminates unexpected expenses, allowing investors to accurately forecast their financial commitments.

Secure Government Funding:

Clients partnering with BuyFair can access secure government funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for up to 20 years. This government support enhances the financial stability of the investment, providing a reliable income stream while contributing to the essential support needs of individuals with disabilities.

Efficient Construction

Timeframe: BuyFair prides itself on its ability to deliver projects within efficient timeframes. Leveraging their extensive construction expertise of their building partners, they streamline processes to minimize delays and maximize construction efficiency, allowing clients to benefit from earlier rental income or faster project completion.

NDIS Partnership:

As an NDIS partner, BuyFair ensures seamless integration of
their projects into the disability accommodation sector. Their collaboration with NDIS providers allows clients to navigate the intricacies of compliance, participant selection, and ongoing support, creating a mutually beneficial partnership for both investors and individuals with disabilities.

In conclusion, BuyFair provides a comprehensive range of benefits to its clients. Through strategic location selection, diverse home styles, effective property marketing, smart inclusions, transparent pricing, secure government funding, efficient construction timelines, and NDIS partnerships, BuyFair empowers investors with the necessary tools and support to achieve their financial and social objectives.

Detailed Assessments

Detailed Location Assessments

When building an NDIS property, it is paramount to build in a location with increased demand to supply. This ensures the need for what you are providing.

Cashflow Analysis

Understanding the dollars and cents of any investment is imperative. Every package we present comes with a detailed cash flow analysis to ensure that your decision is informed.

SDA Manager Relationships

We work with the country’s largest SDA manager. This not-for-profit organization is the best in its field. Ensuring that you have the best chance of tenanting the home from day one.

Specialist Lending Partners

Use your super, savings, or equity to acquire an NDIS investment with lenders who get it. Never seen before products are making NDIS properties better by the day.

Frequently asked questions

What is an NDIS/SDA property?

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme, and SDA stands for Specialist Disability Accommodation. NDIS/SDA property refers to housing that is purpose-built or modified to meet the specific needs of people with disabilities who are eligible for SDA funding under the NDIS.
What are the benefits of investing in an NDIS/SDA property
Investing in NDIS/SDA property can offer a range of benefits, including stable rental income, long-term tenants, and a high level of demand for SDA properties due to a shortage of suitable accommodation options for people with disabilities.
What is the rental income potential for NDIS/SDA properties?
The rental income potential for NDIS/SDA properties can be higher than that of raditional residential properties due to the availability of SDA funding and the shortage of suitable accommodation options for people with disabilities. Rental income is typically paid by the NDIS or support providers on behalf of the tenants, providing a stable source of income for investors.
How long is an SDA tenancy?
An SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) tenancy can vary in length depending on the agreement between the tenant and the SDA provider. The goal of SDA is to provide stable and long-term accommodation for people with disabilities. Therefore, many SDA tenancy agreements are structured as ongoing or indefinite leases, providing tenants with security and continuity of housing.
How does the rent get paid?
The payments from an NDIS SDA investment property differ slightly from that of a standard rental investment property. SDA Management Australia will pay you rental payments at the end of each calendar month. The way that each tenant’s payment is structured, is broken into three components. The fair rent contribution (calculated as 25% of base disability supplement) which is paid fortnightly by the tenant. 100% of the participant’s Commonwealth Rent Assistance (which is paid fortnightly by the tenant). NDIS SDA Payment which is paid quarterly in arrears.

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